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Our history

Rederi AB Veritas Tankers history begins 1926, when brothers-in-law, Ivar Johnsson & Josef Jakobsson, bought a fishing boat from Rörö. They were rebuilding the boat into an oil tanker and named it to Oljaren.

Oljaren could load 17 cubic of oil at one time. The loading took place in Copenhagen and she was bound for the West Coast to be unloaded to fishing boats and schooners. Johnsson & Jakobsson also bought the boat Lilly from Vrångö, which became Oljaren 2.

The ship Oljaren
The ship Zeus

Bengt-Olle Johnsson, son of Ivar Johnsson, came to be one of the owners of Zeus 1950. 

That was the first step in to a long journey in shipping industry.

During the years Bengt-Olle and his wife Anna-Stina operated different tankers in various sizes until they retired.

Bengt-Olle and Anna-Stina Johnsson

The company has since grown and been taking over by Bengt-Olle and Anna-Stinas children, Ove, Inga-Lena & Anders. The current form of Veritas Tankers started at Donsö Island in 1983 and today the fleet consists of three oil tankers operating in Northern Europe.

Ove Johnsson
Anders Johnsson
Inga Lena Sörensson
Inga Lena
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